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Branded Items Group support Theatre Support Fund during Covid Period.

Some amazing stories of fundraising have materialised during the past 12 trying months and none more than the Theatre Support Fund. In May 2020, BIG received a call from the newly formed Theatre Support Fund.which was set up by  Chris Marcus and Damien Stanton, two friends who work within the theatre industry as a direct response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Working alongside Acting for Others and The Fleabag Support Fund their ‘The Show Must Go On!’ Campaign is raising much needed funds for the theatre community.  The Theatre Support Fund+ had brought together the World Famous artwork of 16 of the West End’s biggest musicals to create  the ‘The Show Must Go On!’ campaign. Supporting Acting For Others, The Fleabag Support Fund providing financial assistance across the UK to theatre workers in need. In the process Branded Items Group, initially supplied branded mugs and books, before providing several other branded items including T-shirts and Hoodies. The campaign mobilised the support of many well known actors and west end personalities gathering huge momentum, so by the time April 2021 arrived the Theatre Support Fund had raised over 800 K so far through sales of merchandise and clothing, with orders coming from 60 countries worldwide. Director Steve Fairhurst commented “It truly has been an absolute honour to work on this project during COVID and this was an incredibly important contract for our business in one of the most challenging periods our industry will ever endure.  We will always be grateful for the faith and trust Chris and Damien placed in our company to deliver this contract” Read More