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NEWS - Branded Items Group shortlisted  for St Helens Business Awards

NEWS - Branded Items Group shortlisted for St Helens Business Awards

Branded Items Group have been shortlisted for St Helens business awards following an assessment of the business by an independent panel.  The awards, which are run by St Helens Chamber of Commerce are recognition of outstanding achievements of companies during the previous 12 months.  Although BIG was only incorporated in 2017, the chamber were impressed with BIG's use of ecommerce in a test phase of the business.   Steve Fairhurst, Managing Director explained.  

"We didn't expect to be nominated for the best use of technology award and it has come as a complete surprise to us.  Before we incorporated The Branded Items Group, we ran a preliminary online business called Branded Magnets, which focused only on the sales of promotional magnets. We did this to see if we could compete with the other multi-million pound promotional items companies with a  narrow band of products.  The test phase business, did exceptionally well and it was through our learnings with this business that allowed us to set up BIG and bring in a much larger range of products. I believe we have been shortlisted because of the technology strategy we deployed by successfully using Ecommerce and Adwords"

BIG will be attending the awards on 17th May and are one of three companies shortlisted for the award.


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BIG kick off sponsorship with St Helens RLFC Pre-season Dinner

BIG kick off sponsorship with St Helens RLFC Pre-season Dinner

St Helens promotional items and branded merchandise company Branded Items Group attended the St Helens RLFC pre-season dinner last night.  Kicking off the new sponsorship package the BIG directors, Steve and Louise Fairhurst, formally presented the shirt to New Zealand International Zeb Taia for the forthcoming season.      

It was good evening and interesting to listen to Zeb's thoughts on the new season with the squad confident of delivering Silverware.  Louise Fairhurst commented

"We are really excited to be sponsoring Saints.  This is our first venture into sponsorship and we look forward to partnering Saints in the long term."


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NEWS - Branded Items Group Sponsor Super Saints.

NEWS - Branded Items Group Sponsor Super Saints.


St Helens formed promotional items and branded merchandising company, The Branded Items Group signed their first major sponsorship deal today by becoming a player sponsor for St Helens RLFC the 2018 season.    

With a brand like BIG, it seemed appropriate then that the company chose a powerful forward to sponsor for the forthcoming season.  BIG were delighted to secure the sponsorship of skillful second row forward and New Zealand International Zeb Tai, but thats not the only reason Branded Items Group chose to sponsor Zeb.   Louise Fairhurst Business Development Director explained.  

"When we knew Zeb was available for sponsorship, we didn't need to think twice.  His daughter actually attends the same class as our little girl and with this being a family owned business, the fit was perfect."  

Branded Items Group look forward to supporting St Helens RLFC this season and wishes Zeb and the team the best of luck for the forthcoming season

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How to maximise your marketing using promotional fridge magnets

Think about your message.

When designing your fridge magnet, think about what you hope to achieve first.

You will know from the previous article that the average household will keep a branded fridge magnet 6 - 8 years on average that's a lot of exposure to your brand and message

Promotional branded fridge magnets can be designed to both increase your brand awareness and recognition among customers and serve as a call to action. In effect they can act as reminders constantly prompting customers to contact you.

Determining what you hope to achieve with your branded fridge magnets is key to designing an effective magnet that your customers will actually use.  Companies that use fridge magnets primarily as a call-to-action to their customers, tend to be service-orientated businesses, such as takeaways, taxi firms and trades people, in fact pretty much any business that deals with the general public. On these magnets it is vital to include the basics - the business name and contact number paired with elements that make it easy for the customer to recognize your company such as your logo, typeface or colour scheme. 

Of course it's great if you can include a clever message that may prompt the customer into action. For example a hairdresser or salon may wish to simply say one of many statements  Cut and blow? or Pampering? You deserve it.. call now. You can get creative with your messaging, so why not think about what would prompt the recipient to pick up the phone?

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes, so your message opportunity is dependent on the printed space available. For instance we provide magnets from 30 mm diameter right through to large outdoor vehicle magnets. Businesses that want to use promotional fridge magnets to increase their brand recognition among customers can integrate their company logo along with some other useful information that encourages the customers to display the magnet on their fridge / boiler or filing cabinet.  For example, you can have a branded promotional fridge magnet printed that includes a metric to imperial measurement conversion table, small calendar or other information that your customer is likely to want to refer to on a regular basis.

Including useful information on your fridge magnet helps to ensure it stays were it is.

Promotional  Branded Fridge Magnets - 
Not just the fridge.

Remember that although fridge magnets were initially designed to be displayed on a refrigerator, many of your customers may choose to display your magnets throughout their home or business, affixing the magnet to any metallic surface. For instance plumbing and heating engineers in particular buy promotional branded magnets for customers to attach to their boiler cover. A constant reminder when a service is due or who to call when the hot water doesn't  come on. Fridge magnets can often be found and attached in many places; it just pays to use your imagination and think about where your target market may see them and find them useful. 

Contact:The Branded Items Group (BIG) 01744 808383 / 07863207785

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How to ensure your advert is read every day - The power of promotional custom printed magnets

Thinking of promoting your business here's something to think about.

When you place an advert in a paper or send out a leaflet or even advertise online, would you expect your customer to look at your advert more than a few times at the most?
How about you could advertise in a medium where your customers would see your marketing message 15,000 times per annum and on a daily basis?

As a marketing and advertising agency, we provide many traditional and digital forms of marketing for our customers but one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools you can use for your business is a simple custom-printed branded fridge magnet.

Consider how often you head to the fridge in your own home. According to a research project conducted at the American Purdue University, the average person visits a fridge 10 – 12 times a day. So for a family of 4 that means your advert on a promotional branded fridge magnet would be viewed 300 times a week or 15,000 times a year. That's 15.000 views of your advert in the heart of a customers again could you match that with a newspaper advert or a leaflet?

But one of the most surprising statistics is that the average household will keep a promotional branded fridge magnet a staggering 6 - 8 years. People simply donate like to throw them away. That in effect is the lowest cost per brand impression in the advertising industry. Particularly when you consider some promotional branded magnets are less than 10p per unit.

Providing your customers with a custom branded fridge magnet is like placing a billboard right inside your customer home one they see over 15,000 times per year. That makes branded promotional fridge magnets a powerful marketing tool.

The next time then you are thinking of placing adverts, having leaflets printed and distributed or are considering spending money on marketing consider the above facts.

If you want to remind existing customers to call you or return for your services or you want to
generate new business then think of the longevity or fridge magnets and their low cost per brand impression after all no other form of advertising lasts as long!

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