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Don’t be a mug! Branded Drinkware really works.

Don’t be a mug!  Branded Drinkware really works.

With their longevity and everyday usage, branded promotional mugs and drinkware are an ideal promotional item. Branded Mugs are in the top 3 most popular promotional items, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Mugs have a higher perceived value than other give-away items such as pens and are frequently used on a daily basis. The fact they often reside on a recipients desk, whether they are being used or not, means they act like a static advert for your company sometimes 10 hours a day.

Mugs also have a good size print area, meaning your message and brand can clearly be conveyed, embedding your brand in the recipient's long-term memory.

If it’s a return on investment, you are analysing Mugs have far greater longevity that other promotional items, with studies showing products like promotional Mugs, are often kept for years. This increases the brand awareness of not only the person using the mug but also those who are in contact with the recipient using the mug.

Which Mugs though?

Choosing a promotional mug is not always easy, with a huge range available depending on size and shape.  The most popular promotional mug tends to be a Durham or Cambridge Mug, which is the type you see in most kitchens across the UK,  with the marrow promotional mug coming a close second.  For those looking for “Starbucks” type mug, we would recommend the Milan promotional mug.

The latte promotional mug is also a very popular option for customers wanting a change from the standard Durham shape.

Colour and design impacts pricing.

Another consideration with Mugs is the design. Mug pricing is often based on the number of colours required and the complexity of the print required.  So if you have a multi-colour or complex colour design, you may be better off going for a product like the Durham Photo Mug, which allows any design to be translated all the way around the Mug.  If you are on a budget, there are options for just a one or two colour print on one position (one side of the mug) which will lower the cost. In essence, you can have whatever you want, but be aware the price can go up depending on the design and print process required.

Dishwasher or Not?

Branded Mugs come in different coating options. As standard most mugs will have design longevity, although eventually, designs can fade, particularly if the mugs are being used in dishwashers.  If however, you value your brand longevity, we provide Mugs with a coating on called Duraglaze.  This coating prevents your brand or design from fading and is dishwasher proof for up to 2000 washers.

Promotional Mug marketing costs less per impression than other advertising.

Investing in a promotional merchandise campaign can bring a greater return on investment than other types of advertising. In fact, according to research, promotional items reach more people than any other form of advertising. With their longevity and high brand impression, promotional mugs will certainly provide a good ROI on marketing spend, and this is why they remain one of the most popular promotional items in the UK.

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